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Reseller Web Hosting will be good for you, they offer reseller accounts and also their affiliates get upto 25% of sales. Every beginner in the field of web world has this question in his/her mind as to with service they should go, FREE or PAID ? While free service can be good for some which require less of every feature and don’t bother much about the quality of service they will get. But for some, being online is like having a digital face for them, they can’t compromise with it. In this article we will talk about the most important points while choosing your hosting provider.
If you are already a member of this vast digital world, then you must know the problems of having your website in free platform.
1. Adverts (Forced Promotion) So after working for almost a month, you finally got that beautiful website of yours up and running on a server and that too for free. You open your website and you are welcomed with a bunch of ads along with your site. Okay, you can live with that, its just a web hosting site or affiliate(or explicit) advert on your Personal site. What to worry, Right??
2. Down they go Downtime is a friend of many free web hosts. You are not paying for the service so you can’t expect them to have a backup or alternate systems to keep them alive. Free Hosting servicer providers are not bothered with the kind of service or uptime you are getting since you are being given a service for… yeah you guessed It right, FREE.
3. Cry on your own shoulder You face a problem and now you don’t know what to do, you reach for the phone or any means of support you can get with the person you can get help with. Oh my , did you? Really? Just get on the FAQ section of the provider or better just stick with the google. Because thats what you are going to get for FREE.
4. Small or large, come sit on the baby seat If you made a small site with a free host, you are good to go, but what will happen if business grows, you want a feature added to your current service or if you just have a boost in your viewership. A free hosting service can not entertain you for all this.
5. Ads? We placed it na, why do you bother? A majority of free hosts don’t offer placing advertising scripts or links on your site. They are not earning from you(hmmm) then why would they let you earn. Also there are ads of the FREE hosting provider you hosted your site with
6. No Security for your site. If you are building a web store than you ought to have some online transactions within your site by your customers. Being a security less website, none of the customer will feel confident while serving your site or making any purchase.
7. File Type Restrictions You must be familiar with the extensions of file, the words after the dot(.), in a website, a basic site requires html pages to show content to your visitor but as your site grows you must have different extensions like shtml , php, and most of the CMS are made in php language. With free hosts you have very milted options.
8. Web Address like a train If you are on a paid hosting then you are free to choose your own domain name. In the case of free hosting providers, a typical URL could resemble "freekahostingprovidercom/free/ websites/ 2020/ serverfree/ YOURSITE.htm." Can you remember this? Even the system may not show you full name of file without scrolling. If you expect you viewer to remember this, then expectations hurt my friend FInal verdict From above points you must be thinking what is the solution of all the drawbacks of having a free web hosting service, then let me tell you, free hosts are good for testing and playing, but for serious business, PAID HOSTING IS A MUST. As someone said, Beggar can’t be chooser. "" is known for providing best hosting services at a price that is almost free.